Booking: Siem Reap Cycling Tour

Siem Reap Cycling Tour

Tour itinerary

The tour begins with pickup from your hotel and transport to the front of Angkor Wat, where we will gather at the main pond, waiting to witness the majestic and unbeatable sunrise. The reflection in the pond creates a peaceful scene and a golden opportunity for a photo shoot. Explore the enormous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park with insightful storytelling from our friendly, helpful professional tour guide. Pause for breakfast and enjoy authentic, healthy Khmer food at a local restaurant.

Next, cycle through the hidden rainforest trails, get closer to the greenery and hear the sound of nature along the way to the city of Angkor Thom. Climb up and ride along the defensive wall of the capital to reach The Corner Temple (Prasat Chrung) and then Bayon, which is one truly unforgettable experience.

Continue your adventurous ride to the marvelous Preah Khan Temple (The Sacred Sword) and the stunning, secluded ruins of Ta Nei Temple, hiding deep in the jungle. Last but not least, we reach Ta Prohm Temple, one of the most magnificent jungle temples, where you can soak up the spirit of Tomb Raider.