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Angkorwat Small Tour

Kbal Spean Carvings
Ta Prohm
Banteay Srey Temple
Angkor Wat
  • By Tuk-tuk: USD 14.-
  • By car: USD 25.-
  • English tour guide: USD 35.-

You will start your visit by entering the South Gate of Angkor Thom, and visiting Bayon, Baphuon, the Royal Enclosure, Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terrace and the Leper King Terrace.

The visit continues with Ta Prohm, the jungle temple built by king Jayavarman VII in 1186 and dedicated to his mother. This temple became popular after being chosen for the filming of the movie "Tomb Raider" with Angelina Jolie.

You will end your visit with the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat, which was built by King Suryavarman II (1113 - 1150) and dedicated to the God Vishnu. Angkor Wat, the largest monument of the Angkor complex and the best preserved, is an architectural masterpiece. It is perfection in composition, balance, proportions, relief and sculptures make it one of the finest monuments in the world.

Banteay Srey & Kbal Spean Tour

Banteay Srey Temple
Banteay Srey Temple
Kbal Spean Carvings
Kbal Spean Carvings
  • By Tuk-tuk: USD 25.-
  • By car: USD 40.-

To the North of Siem Reap sits Banteay Srey, the citadel of woman, jewel indisputable of the Khmer art, entirely made of hard pink sand stone, wonderfully sculpted, perfectly preserved and restored.

The second part of your tour continues 13 km away to Kbal Spean, the "Thousand Linga River" which was carved during the 10th-11th centuries. The Lingas, the symbol of Siva, god of Hundu, are carved along the river bed about 200 meters.

This part of the trip involves climbing the mountain by foot for about 45 minutes. You will also see a 5 meters high waterfall.

Roluos Group Tour

  • By Tuk-tuk: USD 15.-
  • By car: USD 25.-

You will visit Roluos Group Temples: PreahKo, Bakong and LoLei. The temples are built from the early of Angkor Period (802-1431). Preah Kotemple was built by king Indravarman I in 879. Bakong was built in 881. And Lolei was built by king Yasovarman I in 893.

In the afternoon, you will be out for a visit by boat to discover the great lake Tonle Sap, real Interior Ocean where there are a lot of fish exploited by the multiple villages of fishermen who you have got the occasion to approach

Beng Mealea Tour

  • By Tuk-tuk: USD 25.-
  • By car: USD 45.-

One of the largest Angkor temples, Beng Mealea was built late 11th - first half of the 12th century under King Suryavarman II, the founder of Angkor Wat. It is commonly believed to be a forerunner or blueprint for Angkor Wat it self and is decorated in substantially the same art style. The temple has remained in its collapsed state, partly hidden by jungle and until recently rather inaccessible due to poor road conditions and landmines. Around 2003 the landmines were cleared by CMAC - Cambodia Mines Action Center - and the Halo Trust, and the temple opened to the public.

The distance from Siem Reap to Beng Mealea temple is around 80km (90-120 mins) either via Banteay Srei and Phnom Kulen or through National Road 6 (Siem Reap to Phnom Penh). You can visit Beng Mealea at any time of day as most Angkor temple tours and tour bus crowds do not venture here. A Beng Mealea temple plan can usefull for orientation as the ruined nature of the temple can be confusing.